Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peeps on the brain

This morning I found out that there was a 24-hour contest over at DP Challenge for photos involving Peeps marshmallow candy (you may wish to turn sound down before following this link). Soon I had a couple ideas, and we stopped at Walgreen's on our way back from brunch. We were too late; there wasn't a fluorescent marshmallow left in the store. A quick trip to the next Walgreen's brought success (and a half-price discount). Then unreasonable amounts of time spent on staging and lighting. Peeps seem to bring out the sadist in many people, but I was resolved to play nicely with my mute marshmallow models.

So I posed them for a swimsuit shot:

I swear it was an accident.

1 comment:

laurie said...

funny! poor peeps.

there are some hilarious entries in the pioneer press's Peeps competition on their website. the washington post hosted one, too.

lots of funny and imaginative creations--like SpongeBobPeepsPants... you get the idea.