Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Monday - Trivial Fact

Hauling out the keyboard to participate in Fun Monday today. :^)

Asks Mama Drama: What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago?

Well, that's a hard choice; there seem to be so many the older I get!

For a long time, I cherished the knowledge that the original name of short-lived Pope John Paul I was Albino Luciani.

But now that you mentioned President Garfield, I'm thinking of my favorite president story. William Henry Harrison, the only Hoosier to be elected President of the United States, caught cold and died after only a month in office, setting the tone for many future flawed Indiana celebrities. And all because he refused to wear an overcoat during his longest-ever inauguration speech. (According to Wikipedia, the real circumstances of his fatal illness were unrelated, but hey, that spoils the story a bit.)

Looking forward to being enriched by what everyone else turns up. Thanks, Mama Drama!


Jeanna said...

I don't know, never disregard the importance of an overcoat.

ChrisB said...

Now I've learned two more pieces of trivia but will I remember the pope's real name not that it matters if I don't!

Anonymous said...

Knowing the Pope's first name - yup, that is right up there with useless trivia. However, someday it might be needed and will save your life. hahaha

stwidgie said...

@jeanna - I'm suddenly picturing Mrs. Harrison singing "Button Up Your Overcoat (You Belong to Me)"!

@chrisb - Glad to contribute to your store of trivia.

@karmyn - Not so much save my life as save my immortal soul, eh? ;^)

IamwhoIam said...

Well James Buchanan was the only President from PA and other than the only president no to marry can't tell you much about him.

Faye said...

Albino Luciani? I'm getting this vision of a very pale--you might say whitish--Italian boxer. Did he ever challenge Rocky?

Didn't Ronald Reagan also make his inaugural speech w/o topcoat? Somebody should warn the old coots!

Pamela said...

and now Garfield is a famous cat --

I've read about him dying so quickly - and heard that rumor as well.