Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A True Celt - according to Google

I searched on the phrase "true Celt" in Google, and found the source for this little poem in the search results.

A true Celt
like Dad
fiery, impetuous, and quick in action.
speaking their language, thinking their thoughts, dreaming their dreams
believes in the unearthly
revels in rare and lovely decoration, and fills every corner of his canvas with rich and intricate patterns of symbolic meaning
hard-working... content to toil from season to season, and all day long
a bit darker than the fair German
on inquiry... in his reply to information,... he asks another question
fiery, passionate, quarrelsome and apt at misunderstanding

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh dear...

This has unsettling implications for face cream.

New idea for a business

Our friends told us about a new quarry that started operations in their area. It's a relatively small business, but they quarry limestone there, used for flagstones and landscaping.

It was probably all the Fourth of July fireworks that got me to thinking about this: wouldn't it be fun to have something like those "u-pick" strawberry farms for stone quarries? That way if you needed some pavers, you could just bring a truck, pay a deposit for some safety equipment and explosives, and come away with your very own stone that you cut yourself from the living earth! The roadside signs could say "Blast your own" or "U-Hew!"

Let me know if you're interested in going into business together.