Thursday, September 24, 2009

What would you tell 6% of all men?

It started as an email discussion at work. We've encountered a user who has red-green colorblindness. Some of the colors associated with links in our website aren't distinguishable to him.

M: User L is color-blind, red-green (which occurs in 6% of males). L cannot distinguish between the "visited" state of links and regular text. The purple visited link is gray for him. While looking at a page with a bunch of visited links, he wasn't even aware they were links. Should we do something to indicate the visited state more clearly?

C: It seems that the default for all PCs and all browsers, unless you customize, is blue for unvisited and purple for visited. Why doesn't L just customize his browser?

M: I know about the default blue and purple. (...) And what, are we going to tell 6% of all men to "customize your browser, dude"? :D

S: Listen, if I could tell 6% of all men something, it surely wouldn't be that! :^)

So if you could tell 6% of all men something, what would it be? (Keep it clean, please!)