Friday, March 06, 2009

My Cranial Jukebox needs a refresh!

Okay, this is getting serious. I usually have one or two songs that get stuck in my head for a few minutes or hours, and then they're either replaced by something else or fade away altogether. If I'm desperate, I can tell someone else what's playing, thereby infecting them instead (not very nice), or I can ask my husband for a replacement song without telling him what I so desperately want to replace.

But I have been plagued by a small playlist of songs I don't care for the last few days and it shows no signs of going away.
  • Little Old Lady from Pasadena (Beach Boys)
  • I Get Around (Beach Boys)
  • Barbara Ann (Beach Boys)
  • Witchy Woman (Eagles)
  • I'm Gonna Tell You How It's Gonna Be (Buddy Holly)
It could be worse, but it ain't great.

So please, if you have something better to suggest, give me a new song to play in my head!